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sao paulo??

People!!!!! Anyone of you want to go to Sao Paulo for the gp in October?? That would be awesome. Let me know if u do:)

and thanks to R. for the idea, you're a real thinker mate;) I've been dreaming about it since last week!! we could make the coolest surf trip out of that too!!! [not counting Hawaii :D]

I can't wait to see Rafa play!! yesterday they put soccer instead of tennis so yeh...even Eurosport didnt show it...they have to show it tmroooo!! :D I have a practice tomorrow eve lazy but I can't wait to kill Joe with my aces haha :D
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how it feels to drive an f1 car

>>First of all, you start the engine. And you start to get this budge, you start smiling, your heart starts pounding. The adrenaline starts to pump around in your body. Then suddenly you feel in control of this...beast. 750hp behind you...And you exit the pits, you're up the straight, and when you go through the gears you accelerate with all the power behind you.
Its like the fastest rollercoaster you can ever ride in.>>

*as heard on the Raceday from Lewis Hamilton

How cool is that?? wow.

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Español gp

Well the race...I dono what to seems all the drivers i support did not get the luck...okay well some of them - Jens and Kimi, but i hope thats the last time, for Kimi at least..he. um well Lewis was good again , and Nico got points! :) but i dono what else to say ... Can't wait for the Monaco gp, it's always exciting with all its glamour and stuff, im sooo buying an appartment there one day, right on the track so I can enjoy the action from my balcony :p...everyone would be invited including some drivers so we can have a partay!!!!! :D

Yea miranda_skye, thanks for the link to that article about Ferdinand, thats the best article ever! haha


Rome tourney

WOHOO! RAFA made it through tot he final!!! That was one long match man, i thot i would never make it but i did, that was the longest time eva i spent in front of a tv :D and the result is 7-6 6-7 6-4. COME on Rafa sweetheart win this today!!!

Formel Eins:
COME ON KIMI>> Show Massa who is the boss tonight! and Ferdinand too, am sure McLaren can do as fast as Ferrari...Honda! Come back to the top 10 already! and I can't wait to see those "dumbo" wings, they sure looked cute on that picture:D

Iman if u read this thanks for going with me on fri, you are cool:)!
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SEPANG testing picsies

Finally uploading the testing pics!!! Oh man I've got a million of them, was so hard to choose to post I just chose some of them, if you guys want any of the pics, let me know I ll send you them in their original size, they r pretty big.

Not many driver pics though, they were all hiding :p at the paddock it was pretty hard to take pics, cos when I saw a driver I was too excited to take out my I missed Nelsinho, Scott, Liuzzi (I can live without him thou...:p), Chris........uh well next time...did not wanna seem like a crazy fan so had to keep it down haha :D

among the drivers, I and my friends got on cameras, are Nico, Nick, back of Jens and Felipe. Posting them :)

AND OF COURSE beautiful HONDA GARAGE!!! LOVE THE GUYS!!! HONDA F1 totally rules!! and McLaren too....sometimes ::D LOVED THE TESTING!!! WAs so much more relaxed and fun than race days or qualis...going next year to Bahrain for a month, will have to get to the paddock there too cos thats where I can take the collest pics!!! For now,

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have lots and lotsa more pics, mybe will have time to upload them later if u guys are interested:)
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Sepang Testing

OKAY SO THE TESTING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I went yesterday, today and I AM gonna go to the track tomorrow yea!!! I skip the school and it's all worth it cos I saw NICO, NICK Heidfeld and Scott today !!! :P:P and even Toyota mechanics waved to me [and Iman!! thanks for going with me girl!!!!] and I got some pics too :D (of Nico's pink shirt haha) and enjoyed that orgasmic f1 sound yea baby.

didnt see Christian tho, yet. Maybe tomorrow! Am gonna stare at the Honda garage to spot him lol. I wish I could get to the paddock, then he won't run away , nobody will :p muahhaaha.

Gonna picspam maybe on friday, will include all 3 days! can't wait for tmro!!